Wagner, Herbert von Karajan Das

Wagner, Herbert von Karajan: Das Rheingold
This film is the one existing record of Karajan's Salzburg Ring on video. Made in 1978, with imagina...
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Wagner, James Levine: Siegfried (2 DVD)
Wotan, the chief of the gods, and Alberich, the lord of the Nibelungs, contended for dominion over t...
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Wagner: Tristan Und Isolde, Barenboim (2 DVD)
Jean-Pierre Ponnelle's celebrated Bayreuth production filmed on the Festspielhaus stage with six cam...
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Wagner, Peter Schneider: Lohengrin (2 DVD)
Edgar Allan Рое meets the Brothers Grimm in film-director Werner Herzog's probing vision of Wagner's...
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Wagner, James Levine: Gotterdammerung (2 DVD)
Opera In Three Acts Siegfried - Siegfried Jerusalem Gunther - Anthony Raffell Hagen - Matti Salminen...
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The World Of The Ring (2 Blu-ray)
These four documentaries last almost sin hours and provide a vivid account of Wagner's oer Ring des ...
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Gaetano Donizetti: L'elisir D'amore (Blu-ray)
Миа Перссон, Роландо Виллазон («Massenet: Manon Manon»), Роман Трэкель в драме Роландо Виллазона «L'...
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Fabio Luisi, Verdi: Macbeth (2 DVD)
«One of the greatest triumphs in recent Met history» (Wall Street Journal), Anna netrebko's Lady Mac...
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Fabio Luisi, Verdi: Macbeth (Blu-ray)
«One of the greatest triumphs in recent Met history» (Wall Street Journal), Anna netrebko's Lady Mac...
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Verdi, Marco Armiliato: Il Trovatore
Libretto By Salvadore Cammarano And Leone Emanuele Вardare ,Based On The Play El Trovator By Antonio...
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Mascagni, Herbert von Karajan: Cavalleria Rusticana / Leoncavallo, Herbert von Karajan: Pagliacci
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Bizet, Herbert von Karajan: Carmen
This famous film of the world's best-loved opera, directed by Herbert von Karajan, features the thre...
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Puccini, Herbert Von Karajan: La Boheme
In the early 1960s two artistic giants, conductor Herbert von Karajan and director Franco Zeffirelli...
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Puccini, Herbert Von Karajan: Madama Butterfly
The pathos of this heart-rending story about a sweet-natured Japanese girl and the caddish American ...
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